How can I organize my pages into subdirectories?

If you want to have URLs without file extensions or organize your pages into subdirectories, this article will explain how you can do this.

The file extension is always required on a website file. When you see a URL that does not have a file extension, you are really seeing a folder name. If a folder name is specified, but no file name is specified, then the default file is loaded. On Linux/Unix servers, the default file is called index.php or index.html. On Microsoft servers it would something like default.asp or default.htm.

So, for example, these two URLs will load the exact same page on a Linux server:


To accomplish this in the CMS, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the desired page in Preview or in the Interactive Sitemap
  2. Click the Page Properties icon (looks like a checkmark)
  3. Type "products/index" in the Filename field (substitute whatever folder name you wish to use)
  4. Publish your changes