I can publish successfully, but my website doesn't load.

If publishing appears to work correctly but your website doesn't show the changes or doesn't load at all, confirm that you are publishing into the correct folder on your hosting server. In your CMS account publish settings, the "remote directory" field needs to contain the path to your website's public folder.

An easy way to determine this path is to login to your FTP account using the same username and password you've been using in the CMS. Your username will automatically login to your home folder, which may not be the folder where your website files need to reside.

Contact your hosting company to find out which folder your website files need to go in, or look for a folder that is named something like "public_html" or "wwwroot."

Once you find the correct folder, enter it into the "remote directory" field in your publish settings and click the button to test your settings again. The test should confirm that your remote directory settings are correct.