I can't publish. I'm getting an error.

The credentials you are using to connect may be invalid. To test the credentials you are using, navigate to Publish Website > Publish Settings and click the "Test the FTP Connection" button. Doing this will display a pop up window with the results of a publish test. If all of the tests do not indicate a Passed status, there is a problem with the current publish settings. Contact your web hosting provider to make sure the credentials you are using are correct.

Make sure each of these values is correct:

  • Live website URL
  • FTP server
  • Username (note that this is your FTP username, not your CMS account username)
  • Password
  • Remote directory

You can also test Publish Settings manually using an FTP client, such as FileZilla. If the credentials you use in the CMS fail when you try to connect manually, you will need to contact your web hosting provider to get the correct information.

Once you have obtained the correct credentials, you can enter them in the Publish Website > Publish Settings page. You may want to click the "Test the FTP Connection" button again to make sure the settings were entered correctly. Click the Submit button once you are sure the settings are correct. You should now be able to publish successfully!