How can I use the CMS to improve my SEO?

Your CMS contains several features designed specifically to assist you in improving your site's search engine optimization (SEO).

Page Defaults

Page Defaults allow you to set a few important SEO values as defaults for all pages, which you can then override on an individual-page basis. To access your Page Defaults, go to the Manage Content > Page Defaults page.

For SEO purposes, the "META description" and "META keywords" fields are important. Enter a description that accurately describes your site, such as "ABC Company provides high-end clothing for men and women." Then enter keywords that also describe your site's content. Be sure to use keywords that are actually used on the pages of your website, such as "clothing, men, women."

The more specific you can make the description and keywords, the better.

Page Properties

With some default values specified, you can then optimize important individual pages within your site by setting specific META descriptions and META keywords.

To access these values for a given page, navigate to the desired page using either Preview Mode or the Interactive Sitemap and click the "Page Properties" icon.

As with the Page Defaults, enter a description for this page and relevant keywords that are actually used on this page.

In addition to setting your META tags appropriately, it's also important to choose a good Page Title and Filename. Use important keywords for which you want to rank highly in the search engine results. When using multiple words in the filename, separate them with a dash or an underscore, e.g. "mens-casual-jackets."

Sitemap.xml Publishing

Your CMS supports an important new SEO feature called Sitemaps that was jointly created by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. The Sitemap protocol helps search engines find and index the pages of your website more quickly and more thoroughly.

To enable automatic creation and publication of a Sitemap XML file for your site, go to the Publish Website > Publish Settings page and check the box titled "Publish search engine sitemap automatically."

That's it! The CMS will take care of the rest for you.

Note: Depending on the CMS plan your designer or developer configured for you, you may or many not have access to this feature. You can always upgrade by either choosing a new plan on the Administration > Upgrade page or by contacting your designer or developer.

Additional Reading

For more information on SEO, read Google's SEO Starter Guide (pdf).