How do I add a new user to my CMS account?

Depending on your CMS account set up, you may have the ability to add new users to your account. You can do this by following the basic instructions outlined below:

  1. Log into the CMS using an administrative user account. Tip: Your administrative user account should be the first account that you received after setting up your website and CMS account. If you have questions or troubles identifying which user account is set up as an administrator, please contact us by submitting a question
  2. Go to Administration > Users and then click on the 'Add User...' link.
  3. Provide the first name, last name, email address, username and password for the new user account. You can also assign the new user to a role (User, Publisher, Administrator).

After you've added the new user to your account, make sure that you inform them of their username and password. The system will not automatically send them their credentials. If they are a new user, you may want to have them watch the new user orientation video to familiarize themselves with the system. The following links will be helpful for new users: