How do I insert an image in my content?

Adding an image to a content area is easy. Here are the steps that you can follow:

Adding an image to your content
1. Log into the CMS and go to the page where you would like to insert the image(s)
2. Open up the appropriate 'edit content' area by clicking on the 'edit content' button.
3. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear. Note that this can be at the beginning or middle of a paragraph of text as well depending on how you would like the image to show up.
4. Click on the 'insert/edit image' icon and select the image that you would like to use. You can either select from a list of images in your image asset library or upload a new photo from your desktop by going to the 'upload' tab.
5. Click 'insert' and your done! You can now click on the save button and your image will appear in the content area.

Placement Options
Sometimes you may want to do some advanced image placement such as wrapping content around your image. To do this:
1. Open up the content area and select the image that you would like work with.
2. Once you've selected your image, click on the insert/edit image icon and go to the 'Appearance' tab.
3. From the appearance tab you can change the alignment (i.e. left, right etc.), set specific image dimensions or even add extra vertical or horizontal space to achieve the desired look.

Linking an Image
To link an image:
1. Click the "edit content" button on the page on which you wish to create the link.
2. Select the image that you would like to link.
3. Click the "Insert/edit link" button on the toolbar.
4. To link to an external site, enter the full URL, e.g., into the "Link URL" field.
5. To link to another page in your own site, choose the page from the "Link list" drop down.
6. To control whether the link opens in the same window or in a new window, choose the appropriate value from the "Target" drop-down list.