I'm having problems with the Java editor.

With the release of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) many customers have been having problems with editing their website content. While browser updates are usually a good thing, we've noticed that the Java editor seems to have more issues with every browser update released. Additionally, Sun's updates to the Java JRE continually break the Java editor.

To resolve this issue, we've implemented a new JavaScript editor which removes our dependency on Sun's JRE. This new editor is faster and more reliable. While all new sites automatically use the new editor, we've opted to leave existing, older sites using the Java editor as long as it has continued to work.

If you experience any difficulties with the editor, please post a support request and include your browser version (such as IE7 or Firefox 3) and explain the problem you're experiencing. We'll evaluate the situation and if needed, we'll switch you to the new editor.