What is your refund policy?

You are in full control of your account. At any time, you may cancel your account and prevent further charges to your credit card by following the instructions below.

If you cancel before your next billing date, no further charges will be made to your card. If you cancel after the billing date, the charges will not be refunded.

If you do not cancel your account before the billing date, you are agreeing to another period of service, whether that is monthly or yearly, and you will have access to the system until the end of that paid period.

For customers paying monthly, we do not offer any refunds for canceling mid-month.

For customers paying annually, canceling within the first 6 months results in a partial refund. You will still be charged for the number of months (or portions thereof) that have elapsed since the billing date, plus a $75 cancellation fee. The remainder will be refunded to the credit card originally billed. We do not issue any refunds via check or cash, or to a credit card other than the card originally billed.

Why do we charge a cancellation fee? Issuing a refund is a manual process which requires time from our accounting department. We're passing this cost to you in the form of a cancellation fee.

What if you haven't used the CMS for a few months? Cancellation is your responsibility. If you fail to cancel your account and several months elapse, you are responsible for the fees during those months.

Note that canceling an annual plan after the first 6 months results in no refund as we are unable to process a refund on a transaction after 180 days have elapsed.